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Eliminate Fear and Negative Self-Talk: Achieve Breakthrough Performance

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In fact, Here's Just a Part of the Secrets I'll Reveal on This Incredible Webinar:

  • How to identify the voices in your head that stop you. (You can begin to create success by simply identifying the source of fear and negative self-talk)
  • How to use the ACT Breakthough Success Model in Getting Results. (Let me show you how using the ACT Breakthrough success model will guide your results)
  • How to transition from where you are to becoming a breakthrough performer. (You only need to know where you are along the scale and I'll show you how to get there)
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On this FREE webinar I'll show you how to eliminate fear, even if you've always been stopped by it.

So if you want to achieve your goals and dreams and have self-confidence to take on big goals without feeling like a failure or  feeling not 'good enough', then you need to attend this breakthrough webinar event!

You can use these techniques to quickly achieve success and get Fear and Negative Self-Talk Eliminated From Your life.

About Dr. Gwen Smith

Dr. Gwen is a Certified Professional and Business Success Coach and an NLP Practitioner who leads personal growth and transformational events. She has coached hundreds of leaders and professional to achieve breakthrough performance.

Dr. Gwen has been an educator from the classroom level all the way to the executive leadership level. She has also been associate professor and chair of the department of education at the university level .

During her leadership tenure Dr. Gwen has helped transformed lives to achieve breakthrough success.

Among many notable recognitions and accolades, Dr. Gwen has been the recipient of the Dale Carnegie Highest Achievement Award.

She currently inspires women to discover their top 5 passions and helps them identify work or an online business that aligns with their passions.

She lives to inspire and empower others. Do not miss this event! You will be amazed at what you learn!