The Passion Test FAQ

Discover Your Top 5 Passions Now, to Easily and Naturally Experience a Life Beyond Your Dreams

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the The Passions Passion Test and how does it work?

The Passion Test is the first of several recommended steps for people who want to experience life with more happiness and fulfillment. It helps you clarify what's important to you so you can make a plan for your personal life and work life. The course can be done one-on-one with Dr. Gwen in person for $300 or online for $197.

At the end of the process you will be clear about: what your Top 5 passions are, how to experience incredibly passionate living now and in the future and you will have several strategies from which to live your life.

What are some of the benefits I can expect from doing the passion test?

The #1 benefit that others report is clarity and the absence of confusion in their lives. They finally get rid of the struggles in their mind and settle knowing that they have a map on which to pursue their life.

Decision making becomes a quicker process and is significantly improved because of the secret to living a passionate life, shared with you. You learn the foundational principle: “When you are clear what you want will show up in your life but only to the extent that you’re clear”.

 Other benefits are renewed joy and being unstuck; a sense of purpose and freedom and much more

Is there a guarantee for the Passion Test?

Yes, and if you have done the course and have not discovered your top 5 passions, our team will work with you until you have your Top 5 Passions. Since it's possible for your passions to change over time, we have a 14-Day Guarantee on the Passion Course after you've actually been tested by the team. However, the 14 days must fall within the 30-day refund window. No refunds are processed after 30-days of purchasing the course. To be eligible for a refund you must have completed the testing by our team.  Please send an email on or before the 14th day of taking the scheduled test to to request a refund.

What is the obstacle that people face and how do you have them deal with it?

The most frequent obstacle I see is fear. Some people are afraid to start the passion test because they fear that they will have to find something new to do.  Usually it’s stuff they’ve made up in their minds that never happens.

How I deal with that is two-fold: First I help them realize that they have a choice to do what is important for them. Because people who do the passion test are really serious about transforming their lives, they seldom remain stuck and they instead become excited to put their the new discoveries in action.

For those who need further guidance beyond the action plan, they're offered the course: There is a course on fulfilling their life and eliminating fear that they can take to help with the fear to finally step out into action and to learn a structure to help them be more successful in their performance

What if I am not able to move forward on my own in creating my business or career? Do you offer additional support to do so?

Most definitely. I offer a complete life transformational coaching program: The Passions to Earnings Success Formula as a complete system. You learn to kick yourself into high gear, produce breakthrough performance and get tools to help you get your business started. You also get the support of a live Facebook group to help address your questions.

This program is divided into three parts: (1) Identifying your Passion and Creating  the Right Mindset (2) Identifying and Testing your Business Idea and (3) Preparing and Launching your business. Within each of those components there are lots of modules and trainings (with step-by-step videos and/or webinars) guiding you through each step of the process.

You can access a free consultation here to learn more about this.

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