I will help you identify the top things in your life that are most meaningful to you so you can finally be clear and fulfilled!

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You want to have a sense of peace, satisfaction, and freedom in your life knowing that you are producing consistent results doing what you love.

You want to move confidently with you life, overcoming procrastination, and self-limiting beliefs from lack of clarity

You want to feel happy about your career choice, your relationship choices and other important choices that you have to make, knowing that  you selected exactly what's needed to increase your satisfaction and happiness. AND YOU FEEL STUCK!


The challenge is you feel completely unfulfilled and stuck in your life, doing "filler" jobs that don't fully express your purpose and you feel it every day.

Are you among the 70-80% of Americans who are saying these words about the jobs or tasks they do?

I still feel unaccomplished”,

“…culture of work is toxic and irrational”

"Feeling like a “wage slave”,

“I've been stuck at a desk doing mundane bull…. My biggest fear is my children will grow up and follow the same path of misery”

“There has to be a way to channel our true talents into a meaningful and rewarding way of making a living”

The Truth is There is a Way to Channel Your Talents into Something that's Meaningful and Rewarding and it Starts by Identifying Your Passions.

I'm Dr. Gwen and I'd Like to Share My Story

A few short years ago, I too had started to feel unfulfilled in what I was doing. I left my job to start a real estate investment business, thinking that this would fulfill me. The sad reality is that it didn't and I was soon left with a feeling of void and searching, knowing that there is something that I was meant to do, that would cause me to make a contribution to people's needs while at the same time earning me income.

After 3 years of searching and investing tens of thousands of dollars in training and coaching programs I was led to a process that helped me identify my passions. After doing the passion test, my passions were confirmed and I started immediately to get to work doing what I was passionate about.

I started a business to empower women to expand their lives and to experience breakthrough performance in their life and work beyond what they thought possible before. Now I'm completely happy and every single day of my life, whether things are up or down, I have a new sense of awareness and happiness that flows naturally and easily.

I'd like you to have that same experience.

Perhaps For You There May Be Other Areas of Your Life Aside From Your Work That Are Less Than Fulfilling and LACKING IN CLARITY

Everyday you experience the sinking feeling of time passing without you accomplishing what you feel you are here to do.

You want to feel happy, fulfilled and complete making a difference.

And instead you feel stuck, confused and almost powerless in your life!

Just Imagine What Having Clarity Can Do For You NOW!

This is exactly what you yearn for: Clarity!

You want the happiness, peace and feelings of completeness that you know will be yours if you can just discover what it is that you would like to do in life. If this describes you, you are in the right place!


I'd Like to Introduce You to The Passion Test.

When you do The Passion Test, not only will you discover what's most important to you in all areas of your life, you'll also identify the Top 5!

You'll know the formula for consistently living a passionate life

You'll learn the one secret that when you apply it will reduce your stress levels.

You'll have ease in making decisions and choices

You'll expand your experiences in how you look at your life, thus increasing your joy, happiness and life-long fulfillment.

You'll live a more stress-free and passionate life!

Many people, including celebrities, have taken The Passion Test

Here are a few things that they're saying:

“The Passion Test has given me incredible insight into what was missing in my life, where I was not

100% spot on in pursuing my passions. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s profound. Out of it came the creation

of an organization I’d been putting off for six years and a fuller expression of my love and my commitment to my family. I think there’s nothing more important than that.”

Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series

Wow, is all I can say about the passion test given by Dr. Gwen. I have never thought about what my passion is for my

38 years of life. I had an idea of what it could be, but after the passion test I now know. The test is clarifying and insightful. I would recommend to everyone that is not sure what their passion is.

Larry C., Columbia, MD

The passion test is powerful and timely. In this 5th decade of my life I have been seeking direction and focus. Working through the passion test produced not only those results but also clarity. It is now so clear what’s on my heart and mind. My soul rejoices. A special thank you to Dr. Gwen for her contributions to my life. I highly recommend this test! Life begins anew! It will do the same for you!

M. J., Timonium, MD

So, What Can You Expect From Taking The Passion Test?

    • Discovery of your top 5 passions to impact every area of your life for complete happiness
    • Applying the 3 step process for making your passions a reality in your life to blast through stress and manifest what you want
    • Discovery of the one SECRET that will ensure that you’ll live a life that’s aligned with your passions and feel fulfilled
    • Accessing the 3 tools that you can use immediately to move closer to your passions
    • Defining what your life while living your passions and knowing what you can do to make them reality
    • Accessing the 7 Steps that keep you on track for a life of complete joy and fulfillmen
    • Eliminating limiting beliefs that set you back and cut through them with laser focus
    • And so much more..

    There Are Six Action-Packed, Heart Searching Modules in This Course That Will Leave You Feeling Complete:

    Module 1 Laying the foundation for your experience

    • Origins of the passion test and how it impacts your life
    • Importance of passion to living a happy fulfilled life
    • Results you’ll get from doing the passion test and what you need to do to have consistency
    • Understanding your uniqueness and the how it impacts your life and others’
    • The three-part formula to relieving stress and amplifying your results
    • The one thing you must have to have power in your life
    • Understanding the foundation of creation and how you can channel it to get results that align with who you are and what you want

    Module 2: Taking The Passion Test

    • Looking at your passions and clearly defining
    • Instructions for taking the Passion Test

    Module 3: Setting Your Appointment-Testing Your List

    • Testing your passion list and identifying your top five passions

    Module 4: The Passion Test Formula and Scoring the Test

    • The three-part formula that you’ll need to consistently apply to get results to reduce your stress levels in work and life
    • The one secret you must apply to consistently live a passionate live—you’ll have to take inventory
    • The key to choosing when you’re confronted by a choice a decision or an opportunity—apply this one principle and never agonize over a decision again
    • Identifying the extent to which you are currently living your passions and what to do about it to improve your happiness

    Module 5: Looking at Markers

    • The purpose of markers in fulfilling your passion and how to use them to live more passionately
    • Completing an exercise that will increase your awareness of what stops you and how to over come them

    Module 6: Living Your Passions

    • Understanding and application of 7 principles to live a continuously passionate life and how to apply them
    • Super fun exercises to help you visualize and live your passions in clarity now

    Bonus: Identifying the Mental Blocks That’re Stopping You

    Find out why The Passion Test is such a simple and powerful tool for getting clear on your life purpose. There is not a price tg that you can put on this type of result that last for a life-time so long as you continue to apply the simple principles.

    Your Course Comes Complete With a Discovery Guide to Personalize Your Experiences

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the The Passions Passion Test and how does it work?

    The Passion Test is the first of several recommended steps for people who want to experience life with more happiness and fulfillment. It helps you clarify what's important to you so you can make a plan for your personal life and work life. The course can be done one-on-one with Dr. Gwen in person for $300 or online for $197.

    At the end of the process you will be clear about: what your Top 5 passions are, how to experience incredibly passionate living now and in the future and you will have several strategies from which to live your life.

    What are some of the benefits I can expect from doing the passion test?

    The #1 benefit that others report is clarity and the absence of confusion in their lives. They finally get rid of the struggles in their mind and settle knowing that they have a map on which to pursue their life.

    Decision making becomes a quicker process and is significantly improved because of the secret to living a passionate life, shared with you. You learn the foundational principle: “When you are clear what you want will show up in your life but only to the extent that you’re clear”.

     Other benefits are renewed joy and being unstuck; a sense of purpose and freedom and much more

    Is there a guarantee for the Passion Test?

    Yes. There is a 30-Day Guarantee on the Passion Test. If you are not able to identify your Top 5 Passions within 14 days of purchasing the test, I will work with you until you have your Top 5 Passions. As it's possible for your passions to change over time, it will be necessary for you to send an email within one week of taking the test to info@thedrgwen.com for this guarantee to be honored.

    What is the obstacle that people face and how do you have them deal with it?

    The most frequent obstacle I see is fear. Some people are afraid to start the passion test because they fear that they will have to find something new to do.  Usually it’s stuff they’ve made up in their minds that never happens.

    How I deal with that is two-fold: First I help them realize that they have a choice to do what is important for them. Because people who do the passion test are really serious about transforming their lives, they seldom remain stuck and they instead become excited to put their the new discoveries in action.

    For those who need further guidance beyond the action plan, other resources are available that they can use to help with getting consistent results they want and to stop procrastination in its track and have breakthrough performance

    What if I am not able to move forward on my own in creating my business or career? Do you offer additional support to do so?

    Most definitely. You can send an email to: info@thedrgwen.com and you'll be pointed to other resources


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