"Finally! Produce Breakthrough Results in Your Life Relationships and Work!"

(So you can achieve self-confidence in your life, relationships and work)

  • Stop fear dead in its track and take on the big goals you have in life
  • Overcome the self-limiting beliefs that hinder your success in relationships and getting results you want in life and work
  • Recognize the stories from your subconscious mind that are blocking your results and immediately halt them

From: Dr. Gwen Smith
RE: Breakthrough Performance

Dear professionals who want breakthrough results,

If you want to achieve continuous success in reaching your relationship, life or work goals, set goals that empower your continued success, or even if you just want to have confidence to tackle big goals due to self-limited beliefs that previously stopped you, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because you will discover why you are always stopped, the stories you have that limit your success and finally achieve clarity and awareness that supports breakthrough success in all areas of your life, including your relationships!

Here’s how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Dr. Gwen Smith and I’m a performance breakthrough  expert, motivational speaker and author.

I’ve helped develop techniques that empowered women use to help gain clarity and produce break-through results in their lives and have used these same techniques to empower women and moms, teachers, supervisors, CEO’s and college professors in their lives and especially their relationships and work.

This course is going to give you everything you need to create awareness in your life, to recognize what you need to do to produce breakthrough performance and to empower you with tools that will help you succeed.

“… I have seen results in my confidence, decision making, productivity, and ability to be a high achiever. When working with Dr. Gwen, she will be your biggest fan and challenge you in all the right areas of your life as you discover blind spots and strengths you never knew you had!”

- ~Jennifer, Business Owner & Marketing Strategist~

Every second you wait is another second you spend watching others pass you by achieving their dreams while you continue to feel unfulfilled and stuck in your lack of self-confidence.

10% or less of people really achieve the goals and dreams they want in their life

In fact, according to Forbes Magazine less than 8% of people are achieving their goals or resolutions yearly. Why? Because they lack the strategies, skills and techniques to achieve the types of results they truly desireand they are blind to what is actually stopping them

In Fact, Here’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg of What You Get...

  • You’ll discover exactly how to get the MOST out of your goal planning and strategies to accomplish bigger tasks and increase your income
  • You’ll have a ton of self-confidence knowing you have the tools to handle what comes your way
  • You’ll easily recognize the stories that have been stopping you in life and your relationships and blast through them
  • You’ll understand exactly why you’ve been stopped in the past and how much you’ve lost as a result
  • You’ll know exactly how to use the PDC Technique when confronted with fear when you have a meaningful goal to achieve

This course is phenomenal and life-transforming. What an eye-opener! I really appreciate the tools and guidance the course provides to conquer fear and experience the freedom to succeed in both little things and big things.

- ~Kemi. Ph.D. Student~
  • When you overcome fear and success blockers and use the tools provided, think about the level of confidence you will have in finally producing breakthrough results
  • When you can tackle difficult goals and accomplish them, think about the how much power that gives you in your life.
  • See yourself getting the accolades that others are getting while you sat on the side lines watching or of how much farther you will advance in your work or career with these new tools!
  • What about the ability to finally set goals that produce the results that you want? Never have your goals just be a dream anymore.

So Here's the Bottom Line With "Produce Breakthrough Results in Your Lives, Relationships and Work"

You get a seven-week online video training course. You get downloadable audio files that you can take with you and listen to as you go. You get downloadable PDF files complete with exercises to help cement your learning and application of the strategies.

Here is what the Modules contain:

Module I—Understanding the Origins of Fear, Negative Self-Talk and Success Blockers

  • The Iceberg Principle and Your Subconscious Mind—Increasing Your Awareness
  • Understand The States of Being That Really Affect Your Ability to Achieve and What to Do About Them
  • Amazing Research About the Power of Your Mind and What The Value is To Your Achievement

Module II—Using Your Meta-Programs to Overcome Success Blocks

  • What you MUST have to Achieve Breakthrough Success
  • Examine Where You Are Currently and What It Takes For You To Achieve Breakthrough
  • Identify Your Meta-Programs and Know How to Work Them in Favor of High Performance

Module III—Dealing with Your Fears and the Voices That Stop You (The PDC Technique)

  • Identify the Fear that is Stopping You Right Now and Confront It
  • Tackling the Source of the Negative Voices to Empower Your Future Success
  • Define Failure for What It Is and Knowing Your Relationship To Failure

Module IV—Eradicating Fear, Negative Self-Talk and Success Blockers

  • Discover your blind spots, expand your awareness and become more successful
  • Uncover your hidden strengths and weaknesses for increased power
  • Use this simple technique to immediately halt fear, even if you are stepping out on new territory

Module V—How to Recreate Yourself to Achieve any Goal You Set

  • Use the PDC technique for immediate self-empowerment to quiet the voices in your head
  • Possess the ability to refine your goals to advance yourself for success
  • The Recreation Process

Module VI—Using the PIPO Method to Embrace Breakthrough Success

  • The Final Element to Produce Breakthrough Success: How to Get It
  • Write empowering goals that sets you up to succeed
  • Use this powerful conversation structure to garner support for what you are trying to achieve: Get what you want most of the times…

Module VII—Creating Your Structure and Using

  • Use resources that support goal achievement
  • Identify technological tools to keep you accountable
  • Pinpoint the structure that works with your unique meta-programs to generate success

You get all of this for only $397...


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    Bonus#2: Get Clear: Identify What You Love So You Can Feel Fulfilled

    I'll give you the added bonus of being clear about what you love so you can finally stop wasting time going back and forth about what you need to do in your life. I will show you how you can use my Magic Money Matrix to unlock ideas to move you closer to the work you'll love to do.
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  • 3

    Access to a Private, Intimate Facebook Community

    You Will Continue to Be Supported with questions you may have and have direct access to Dr. Gwen for an entire 3-Months. Of course beyond that, you have the community to help you address your questions as well.
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Take a Full 30 Days to Put Us to the Test with Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

If “Produce Breakthrough Results in Your Lives, Relationships and Work” doesn’t show me exactly how to achieve continuous success in reaching my goals… if it doesn’t take me by the hand, and show me step-by-step how to set goals that empower my success… or if it fails to help me identify and tackle the success blockers and achieve my big goals that previously stopped me, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....

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To Your Success,

Dr. Gwen Smith

P.S. - Every second you wait is another second you allow fear to conquer you and crush your dreams. Take action now and start showing the self-confidence you need to achieve breakthrough success in your life


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